About Us

Launched in 2016 Stick Up Collective offers a new approach to pictures on walls. Beautiful bespoke paintings in traditional oil on canvas are cut and backed to create adhesive and removable artwork for walls. This is collectable artwork that can grow and move with your family. We work closely with our clients on bespoke commissions with a wide range of briefs. We offer limited edition oil on canvas original paintings and also have a range of limited edition fabric wall prints from our most popular series.


Stick Up founder and artist Sonia Blair spent her childhood in Australia prolifically drawing and making. When she was ten she painted a huge jungle mural on the bedroom walls before the family house got demolished. The impact of painting on such an impressive scale never left her and a decade later she was painting bigger walls with graffiti artists in the streets. Another decade later and Sonia was orchestrating the biggest street art murals ever seen in the UK through her London company Signal Project.

After painting for several years in London alongside many well-known UK street artists, Sonia set up and ran Signal Project for 10 years throughout the noughties. She pioneered graffiti as public art and secured significant commissions for some of the largest graffiti projects in the UK including the still untouched Kilburn Tube Mural in 2004.

With the arrival of her first daughter, Sonia became interested in painting on a smaller, more personal scale. She switched her medium from spray cans to oil and fell in love with paint. Working in the studio her work explores the notions of childhood and memory.

Her second daughter’s arrival in 2014 inspired this next venture. The paintings that have come together to form the launch of Stick Up are a menagerie of animals and creations that she, her daughters and other families have imagined to bring the walls of their home to life.

“One surprising thing I love about motherhood is being forced to join in with great human fascinations that possibly passed me by as a child. My six year old daughter is fascinated with all things scientific; fossils, dinosaurs, the universe, atoms and how the world began. These big questions have reignited that sense of pure wonder I can remember from childhood. It’s brilliant. Painting these different animals with children in mind has made me appreciate them from the viewpoint of someone seeing them for the first time. Life is much more interesting this way. Imagine seeing an 18 foot giraffe for the first time – amazing!”