Answers to your Questions

We can paint almost anything, but we will let you know if we don’t think the reference or idea will transfer well to one of our paintings. We want everybody to be happy with the finished artwork.

Stick Up was created to provide bespoke painted artwork in mural form. However this is an artisan product and we appreciate that cost is an issue for many people. So the fabric decal range was developed as an affordable alternative for people who still appreciate the artwork. If looked after, our bespoke paintings can last as long as any other oil painting (hundreds of years!)

Limited Edition means a fixed number of copies printed or painted, individually numbered and signed by the artist, e.g. 3/20, indicating that this is the third impression from an edition of 20 copies. After the edition is complete no further images will be made of that exact image. The size of the edition can affect market value.

Oil on canvas originals are painted to order in a strict limited edition of that series. Once the edition is complete no further paintings will be made of that exact image. We are constantly creating new series of Oil on Canvas Originals and welcome suggestions. A  bespoke commission involves something completely unique and generally requires design and research time.

Turnaround time depends on our backlog of work, as we can get very busy, but a commission won’t be undertaken without first committing to a deadline.

No tools necessary. Just peel and stick.

Installation of all Stick Up purchases are very easy. No tools necessary. Just peel and stick.

Application is a simple 3-step process of peel, place, and then smooth it with your hand. It can be rearranged and easily removed numerous times.

Please make sure the surface is smooth, clean and dry before applying a Stick Up print or painting. We advise you use a warm damp cloth or sponge to clean the wall surface and allow this to completely dry.

Freshly painted walls should be completely dry before applying the product. We suggest you wait at least 60 days after painting before you apply our fabric decals to the newly painted wall. Even though the paint will feel dry to the touch soon after it’s been painted, it is still wet and may affect the unique adhesive. If you are applying a Stick Up print or painting onto a porous or uneven surface you may not achieve the best results possible.

We recommend Stick Up prints and paintings for indoor use only.

Do not apply the Stick Up prints to oil based paints.

For the very large and oversized stickers with some complicated shapes, expect to need a helping hand or two, place it on the wall and start from one end to gently smooth the decal out as you work your way to the other end.


  1. After the painting or prints are placed into position on the wall use your hand to firmly apply pressure on it smoothing back and forth over the entire decal to firmly press it in place. This will ensure no loose edges.
  2. Since our collections can arrive on large oversized sheets of paper or liner, it may be sometimes difficult to work with such a big sheet. We suggest you cut each decal from the backing sheet whilst still on the backing paper. For storing purposes later on, we may also suggest to label the backing cut-outs to make sure each decal fits properly on the backing during storage.
  3. For larger paintings and prints we would recommend you do the step above, then hold it in place right where it needs to be positioned on the wall WITH the backing paper still on. Peel a small amount of liner away from the decal at the top, and fold it over. Place the small exposed sticky side of the decal on the wall and with the one hand gently pull the folded backing paper more and more away from the decal whilst at the same time smoothing down the decal and pressing firmly against the wall with the other hand.

If bubbles or wrinkles appear you can gently smooth these out. Or you can pull back and then re-apply that particular area that has been effected.

If the Stick Up print or painting folds on itself whilst being installed you can separate this by simply carefully pulling it apart.

All Stick Up prints and paintings should be easy to remove from the wall and reposition multiple times without leaving any sticky residue.  However please be aware that once the adhesive collects dust and dirt it will become less effective and may not stick to the chosen surface properly.

Stick Up paintings are made with 9oz primed canvas and the finest quality oil paint. The canvas, provided it is cared for and handled carefully, has an indefinite lifespan. The back of the paintings are backed with a double sided tape with a lifespan 7-10 years indoors, provided good care, appropriate environments and handling was administered.

A Stick Up print or painting is a repositionable and removable but please be aware that once the adhesive collects dust and dirt it will become less effective and may not stick to the chosen surface properly.

Please retain the original liner. This can be replaced in position should you decide to store your print or painting for future use and can also be used for proof of authenticity.

We recommend that you always keep your Stick Up print or painting in their original portfolio and packaging when not in use to keep in tact and for future preservation.

If our paintings lose their tackiness over time, they can be restored using 3M 90 Spray Adhesive. Should this happen to your work please get in touch and we will help resolve the issue.

We do charge for home consultations, however these are usually following a free phone or Facetime consultation, and all costs can be redeemed against any following commission. We are based in London so are restricted to what areas we can physically visit. However with modern technology and a tape measure this is not necessarily a problem.

We use Royal Mail and Parcelforce to deliver all items within the UK. All work is made to order so you are generally looking at 10-15 working days to receive wall decal orders. For our Oil on Canvas Originals you may need to wait an additional 10-15 working days to allow sufficient drying time for transport. All bespoke and unique work will be confirmed with you prior to purchase.

Once you have purchased items from our shop we will email you a receipt. You can track the status of your order on the Order Tracker page, using the details on your receipt. We will email you again once your artwork has been posted and is on it’s way to you.

During our first few months after launch in 2016 we are still restricting delivery to the UK, however please get in contact if you require overseas delivery, as we will be adding that option soon.